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9 thoughts on “ Lord Of The Left Hand - Samhain - Last Gasp Live And Demos 85-86 (Vinyl) ”

  1. Samhain Last Gasp Live and Demos 45 4 songs of live and rare Samhain. "BloodFeast" and "To walk the Night" are the live tracks that make up side A. Side B is the studio demos/ "Lord of the Lefthand" an unreleased track and an alternative take of "November Fire".
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  9. MP3 Album Samhain - Live Demos | Bloodfeast,To Walk The Night,Lord Of The Left Hand,Novembers Fire Download Free. siti-web-bologna. Rock Electronic Samhain: Last Gasp Live And Demos Notes. Partial cover. Grey marbled vinyl. Plain black labels with a small center hole. Very Limited Edition Your # xx / Track A1 & 2.

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