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  1. Prisoner CBH was a great corny soap opera with melodramatic plots - some of the best TV ever made IMO. I watched it on Central TV back in the late 80s when it was regularly pulling in a million viewers per episode after midnight (in the Central region, an extraordinary figure for the time).
  2. The main theme of the prisoner story lines broadly focused on the inmates standing up to the seemingly petty and inflexible rules of the prison system, (i.e. don't let the bastards grind you down scenarios). Yet prisoner also grappled with some of the every day problems that many of the women were forced to come to terms with, lesbianism.
  3. See results from the Prisoner Cell Block H Top Dogs Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! Prisoner Cell Block H Top Dogs Quiz Stats - By gjuk play quizzes ad-free.
  4. Roo Morgan is Top Dog in Blackmoor Prison serving from ep. Roo fought Rita Connors for the top dog position and lost even though she used a bat and a knife and all Rita used was a broom. Roo tells Bongo Connors to tell Rita not to fight her because she threatened to cut of his drug supply (). Rita bashed Roo with a metal baseball bat and ties her to a chair (). What happens to.
  5. Prisoner Cell Block H: Episode Number ONE An Australian hit about incidents inside a women's prison, featuring often-sordid soap-opera tales of riots, hostage-taking, escape attempts, cell-block.
  6. Prisoner (commonly known as Prisoner: Cell Block H) is an Australian television soap opera, created by Reg Watson, which broadcast on Network Ten from to , lasting eight seasons and episodes, the series was produced by the Grundy Organisation and was filmed at the then Network Ten Melbourne Studios at Nunawading and on location.. It follows the lives of the prisoners and staff of.
  7. Top Dog is a term of a inmate who is the boss of the other Inmates, the top dogs would usually press sheets, the longest running top dogs were 1st Bea Smith, 2nd Myra Desmond and 3rd Rita Connors. Here is a list of the top dogs in Wentworth, Barnhurst, Blackmoor and Woodridge. This page70so includes Top dog teams such as Chrissie Latham and Sharon Gilmour or Minnie Donovan and Cass .
  8. 1,MEGA CITY 2 - PRISONER CELL BLOCK E (top dog mix / dj promo) 2,MEGA CITY 2 - LONDON TO ESSEX IN 3 HOURS (dj promo) 3,MEGA CITY 2 - THE LOVE YOU GIVE (dj promo) 4,MEGA CITY 2 - DARKER SIDE OF EVIL (dj promo) 5,MEGA CITY 2 - ATMOSPHERIC DISTURBANCE (white label) 6,MEGA CITY 2 - I STILL DREAM 7,MEGA CITY 2 - NIGHTWALKER (rude boy bass mix).

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